Community Is Key

Read about our place in the Maine cannabis industry.

A Distinguished Experience

Garden Lites seeks to bring a classy, clean, and professional cannabis experience. We want people to feel comfortable coming in to our store knowing they won't feel type casted into the typical stereotypes of cannabis users. We've moved into an age where people of all walks of life enjoy cannabis to unwind from the stressors of life. Whether it's been a long day at the law firm, doctors office, or corporate board room we want you to know that we provide and portray the image and professionalism you exhibit in your day to day life. We also love to provide an exemplary experience to those visiting from out of state as well as Canada.

Mutual Growth

We believe in growing together. The cannabis plant can grow to new heights through support, care, and vision. Our communities are really no different. We hope that in lending a hand in helping you grow in your journey through cannabis. That we too will grow, becoming something far more than anything we could ever dream of. As the saying goes, one hand washes the other. We hope to work together with you to bring our dreams for the cannabis community to fruition!

Doing Our Part

Charity Through Cannabis

Our mission to bring quality cannabis in a quality environment couldn't happen with all of you. Our esteemed and distinguished clientele. We seek to show our appreciation by giving back to the community that has given us so much. We believe that giving is better than receiving, and through helping others we can help make an impact on our community in a constructive and compassionate way. We'll be sure to keep you updated on community events, promotions, and more so that you can be a part of our movement to cultivate our community.

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Cannabis And More

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Our Story

Want to learn more about the story of Garden Lites? Our motivations, values, and passion? The link below will bring you to our story page where you'll get a look at what makes us tick. Come see for yourself!

Our Educational Posts

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